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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ta-ta for now!

Hey hotties,

I wanna sincerly apologize for like, dyiing on you with this blog. I don't think I'm going to be posting too much soon, because I've really been moving on with my life and I've been so busy lately.

Casey--my boyfriend. To think I ever called him stalker boy--have been together for almost a month now and I think we've both cried in front of each other like 5 times already ahaha.

He's in Kansas now, and I am hoping that I will be able to visit soon, and give him a kissssssss cause I miss him so much.

UHHH busy because I've been promoted to editor in chief of our high school newsletter and the downtown newsletter our local college runs, and its eating up all my time.

Speaking of eating, I'm doing quite well suuuuun. Down in the 120's and my goal is to be 115 by Feb 18, which is when I might be flying out to Kansas.

You all are gorgeous, perfect, amazing individuals, each with something that makes you identifiable to me and unique in this crazy ass world. Never forget that ladies--and men--and try to love yourself as much as you love others.


Erin Rose

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Apologies

For the lack of posting. I've been working on college apps in the afternoons and my Aunt Gloria has invited herself over to my Grandmother's for a week, so we've been making disgusting foods with mushrooms and spice cake for her.'

K-Dunst in Marie Antoinnette

Food: 128.2. YOU HEARD RIGHT. AFTER I LOST 2.8 LBS, I LOST ANOTHER 1.8 LB. I have reason now to believe that there IS a God out there, and that He must appreciate something I have done lately.

O Lawdy, Praise Him!!
Praisin' praisin'

Life: Aside from being in the 120's again (yayayayayayayay) I've had a bit of fun with my baby cousins lately (and Casey, yes. He came over Saturday and Sunday, and I think we're seeing a movie today.) and my brother got the lead role in his school play, Fiddler on the Roof. Funny, because in my school play (mandatory in the 8th grade) I tried out for...a non speaking role. And I got it. Yay. My mom says the only thing she remembers about my play is me bitching for not wanting to wear a sweater that I thought emphasized my fat rolls. Such is life. She's freaking out now, poor dear. I'll practice with Matthew for sure, but first I have to practice my Yiddish.

After I jogged this morning I had a 100 cal fruit cup for breakfast, but I got so full feeling that I threw about 1/4 of it away. My mother will be pissed--"what??? I JUST changed the trash bag, and now you throw in fruit that will rot and smell for the next week??"

I'll toss some Febreze in there before she gets home.
I'm off to get some bloodwork done--putting a rather large bandaid over my scars, which I have been treating every day obsessively.

Mwahhh, my dears.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Black Swan

Life: I finally saw Black Swan!!! It was amazing, and extremely inspiring. Natalie Portman was amazing, and I could literally feel my heart pounding in the last few minutes. LYKE SOOOO THRILLER.

Uhh Casey and I hung out again. We were supposed to go to that pizza place again--he lurves it--but we got there and he was like "smooch before dinner?" and I did (obvs) and we ended up staying in his car for like, an hour and a half. I can still smell his shampoo on my shirt haha.

So he's sweet. He's always like, "eat! little short stuff" and although I know that is total bullshit, its adorable anyway.

Oh wait--he goes back to Kansas in February fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkk.

Food: I LOST TWO POINT EIGHT POUNDS!!!! AND I WORKED TODAY, JOGGED, LAUGHED MY ABS OFF, AND NEVER HAD DINNER. SCOREEEEEE!!!  i THINK---whoa no caps now--I think I ate like....530 cals today.

awesome. Im going to sleep now too, so thanks you guys for being awesome, and boosting me up to 52 followers

(my computer keyboard is still being a fumb duck)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Made my head spin...

Food: shared a bit of stromboli with Casey--just a weeedly bite though. So I'm hoping for a loss tomorrow.

Life: He smells good. And he has soft lips. I officially luuurve stalker boy.
Erin lost her b-ball game, and she was pissed, but he drove me out for pizza and we made out in his car afterward.

I'mm tiiirreeedd!!
Hey guys--I'm late posting for yesterday, but early for today.

Food: I've had like, 50 cals of juice so far and I've burned an extra 130 cals this morning, so hopefully that will make a difference.

I dunno if its my cold or what, but I've gained two pounds. Right back where I started at 133.
It's like these three pounds are ENDLESS. I feel like I will never see the 120's again, but I miss them like I dont know what.

Bought some Vita E capsules because I am trying to get rid of these ugly SI scars on my wrists.
The Vita E smells like old vagina. It's gross. I can't even put on a shirt because I'm afraid it will ooooze and infect my shirt and I'll smell like a pussy for the rest of the day.

When I get ready to go to school, I'm wrapping up my arm and spraying perfume on it. Just going all out to get rid of the stank.

Think M is changing schools, because of the yeast thing, and everything else
I feel so guilty-I havent gotten a good sleep since we got in our rather nasty spat. I feel like a jerk--I know I should have been calmer but I was so pissed and I acted on my emotions and UGH.

I would go to Church, but they would prolly kick me out.

Painted my nails mint green with little pink hearts, and I'm about to do my eyebrows. Tonight's the basktball game--hope it goes well, and that there's not too much food there!!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aw Yeah, Skype Aw Yeah

One of my friends from inpatient messaged me on FB and said to make a SKYPE to keep in touch.
SO I did--here's mi nombre: erinrose892 and it will have a widdle sepia picture of me on it.

I don't have a webcam but I am hoping I can scrape enough cash together to buy on.

Happy Thursday--I've already purged three times :&

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Kind of a Wednesday

Fewd: Kay. I purged after lunch today, even though I didn't binge. I don't really understand what went on there, but I threw up like everything. I had a salad for dinner and a bite size tootsie roll...Not sure how many cals to count--I don't want to overestimate how many I spewed up, so I'm going to say like...1500.


Yeah, Mila Kunis is hot

Life: Fine. I purged. Feel impatient.Been like, 131 point freaking 2 for like,the past three days and I am beginning to get annnngrrrryyy. A few more days like this and I will turn into the incredible hulk (I'm talking about the large and in charge part, not the green part)

WTF is wrong with me. For some reason I cannot type today or maybe it is just my damned keyboard hating me.

Let me test this. I will carefully type "I hate food with a passion" slowly and making no corrections.

"I hate food ith a passins"

Its the keyboard. FML. Anyway, I have a story for ya.
Remember M? Well she had this thing for this black dude named R and apparently they almost did  the nasty but she stopped him because she had a yeasty problem or something. So  R told this girl C, who hates M, about this, and C sent out a mass text saying "M has a yeast infection."
And everytime C sees M in the hallway, she goes "yeeeeeeeeasssst" at her. Cruel, but HIGHlarious. Karma, bitch.
This picture kind of reminds me of her. How long will it take for me to get reported now? I bet three days.

Off to add more thinspo/inspo pics.

Much Love.